Mentalist David Meade amazes pupils at Glencraig IPS with ‘magic maths’

If only maths lessons could be like this every day! Pupils from Glencraig Integrated Primary School got a very special maths class when David Meade, known to many as the “Mentalist” took time out from his busy schedule to show just how great maths can be.

During a special assembly, David amazed both pupils and teachers alike with his “maths magic tricks” including predicting numbers picked at random by some enthusiastic helpers.

David’s visit to the County Down school followed the introduction by the school of Mathletics, an online resource, designed to promote a love of maths in the pupils.

School principal Mrs Shaunagh McKirgan explained the school had trialled Mathletics last year and following “such positive feedback from the pupils” it was decided to introduce it across the school from September.

David is a keen supporter of the Integrated Education Fund and said it was a great opportunity to see, at first hand, the work of an integrated school.

Speaking during his visit, David said: “I felt it was important to come and show my support for integrated education and to help raise awareness of the great work being done in integrated schools.”

Mrs McKirgan said they were delighted that David had come along and that he “had truly impressed the pupils with his amazing number tricks”.

She said one of the great things about the visit was that “the children will take away from today that maths is cool”.

The visit generated lots of media interest with press photographers capturing the special day.

David’s mind-boggling skills have brought him his own BBC TV series and when he is not performing his mentalist magic, is also a lecturer in international business.