Sport for All at Glencraig

As part of their Integrated Education Month celebrations, Glencraig Integrated Primary School hosted a “Game of Three Halves” event in partnership with IFA, IRFU and Ulster GAA. Coaches from all three codes put the children through their paces in each sport during the morning with children learning through fun games and activities that no sport is specific to one community or culture.

Sport for All at GlencraigIn the afternoon, the coaches led the assembly and shared the benefits of playing their sport but also of playing sport to make friends and stay fit and healthy.

Reflecting on the success of the event, Vice-Principal Sean Spillane said
“At Glencraig, we wanted to challenge the perception in wider society that certain sports are only open to particular parts of the community. Throughout this day of fun activities, we wanted our children to see that sport is about participating and leading a healthy lifestyle. We are very fortunate to have good links with local sports clubs in our area and we hope to develop these links further into the future.”

The theme of sport for all was further developed in classrooms during the remainder of the week with children studying sports from different cultures around the world such as Boules, Kabbadi, Aussie Rules and even Sumo Wrestling!

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