McGrath: Children suffering most from political crisis

SDLP Education Spokesperson Colin McGrath has said that the impact that the ongoing political crisis is having on children and young people is unacceptable.

Mr McGrath said that cuts to education, as a result of the inability of the last Executive to agree a budget, put children in the firing line for a failure of politics.
Colin McGrath - Children suffering most from political crisis

He said:
“Every day now we’re hearing about a new cut to a critical education service. Whether it’s a reduction in youth service funding from an Education Authority austerity spree or cuts to school budgets, our children are being punished for a failure of politics. It isn’t acceptable.

“The funding cut to St Ronan’s in Newry which has forced the principle to ask parents to fund after-school activities and Spanish  lessons is a clear indication that this situation is not sustainable. And this follows a spate of cuts to youth services as budget lines are stretched to breaking point. Our young people deserve better.

“Parties must emerge from their entrenched positions and prepare for a creative compromise that deals with the challenges facing us and sees a restoration of devolved government. We still have an opportunity to deal with these issues. All minds must be focussed on that in the days ahead.”