Mervyn Storey meets Education Chiefs

North Antrim DUP MLA Mervyn Storey has meet with Education Chiefs to discuss a number of ongoing issues facing schools and in particular schools within the controlled sector.

The former Chair of the Northern Ireland Assembly Education Committee and Finance Minister was accompanied by the Chief Executive of the newly formed Controlled Schools Support Council, Mr Barry Mulholland.

Mervyn Storey meets Education ChiefsCommenting after the meeting Mervyn Storey said,

“For some time I have been concerned regarding a number of issues that are facing our schools and in particular schools within the Controlled sector. Speaking to Principals and Chairs of Board of Governors it was evident that there were growing concerns around a number of important matters that are having an impact on teachers in delivering the best education for our children.

“I therefore welcomed the opportunity at my request to meet with the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Education Mr Derek Baker and the Chief Executive of the Education Authority Mr Gavin Boyd. I was also accompanied by the Chief Executive of the recently formed Controlled Schools Support Council Mr Barry Mulholland.

“Among a number of issues that were discussed included funding, governance and area planning. I look forward to continuing this dialogue, particular in the absence of a functioning Assembly. While others appear to have abandoned their interest in the education of our young people by pulling down the Assembly and creating red lines, I and my colleagues in the DUP will still be at our desks working on behalf of our teachers and young people.

“I appreciate the time taken by the two most senior officials in education to listen and clarify policy issues where there has been particular concern.”