British Red Cross offer free workshops, for young people aged 10-19 across Belfast

Letter from The British Red Cross

We offer free workshops, for young people aged 10-19 across Belfast 

Our Youth Education programme builds humane and resilient communities, it’s informed by our corporate strategy “Refusing to ignore people in crisis” and enables young people to understand, cope with and respond to crisis.

Using both UK wide and local data we work with young people who will benefit the most from our education offer. Focusing resources in areas of NI where young people are most affected by crisis caused by stigma, conflict and first aid for drugs and alcohol.

We adapt our delivery to groups of mixed and different abilities.

British Red Cross offer free workshops, for young people aged 10-19 across BelfastHumanitarianism runs through all of the work we do, we prompt young people to act in crisis situations and ask them if they would, and could, help someone who might need it. We cover three main areas:

1.    Every day First Aid for Drugs and Alcohol; Would you help a stranger who was drunk at a party? What would you do if your friend burned themselves? How can you help someone who’s passed out?

2.   Conflict; How does conflict around the world affect us?  Where do we find, and deal with conflict in our own lives? How can we put ourselves in others shoes, and discuss conflict?

3.   Stigma; How do we judge other people without knowing them? Would we help people who look different from us? What is the truth about refugees and asylum seekers in Northern Ireland?

We can work with groups on a one off basis, to cover one topic such as stigma, or we can put together a longer programme depending on the wants and needs of the groups and the programme.

How do we work?

Direct delivery: We deliver our education programmes throughout Belfast in a range of youth settings and schools, to young people aged 10-19. We deliver any combination of the above topics, and will work with educators to decide the appropriate number of sessions.

Online resources: we’ve developed a variety of innovative and interactive resources for young people aged 6-19, to be delivered wherever and whenever. These resources are available online for everyone ( Our Youth Education Support Centre will also support educators with using these resources (get in touch on 08444 122734/

For further information or to book in some sessions contact:

Sarah McGennity
Youth Education Coordinator
12 Heron Road, Sydenham Business Park, Belfast, BT3 9LE