NI School Principals questioned on Education Funding Pressures

Today (31 October 2018) the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee hears from primary and secondary school principals, including Nigel Frith of Drumragh Integrated College in Omagh  as part of its inquiry into Education Funding in Northern Ireland.

In 2018/19 funding for schools in Northern Ireland was set through the Northern Ireland Budget Act which was passed centrally at Westminster. The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee is examining the levels of funding for education and the spending priorities at the Department of Education NI.

In the first evidence session for the inquiry, the Education Authority told the Committee that schools in Northern Ireland have seen their spending power fall by £233m since 2011 leading to “financial difficulties” for many schools.

The session will focus on hearing real experiences of the funding challenges faced by schools in Northern Ireland and how they affect schools’ ability to provide effective education for their pupils.

Witnesses are:
Deirdre Gillespie, Principal, St Mary’s Grammar and President, Association of School and College Leaders NI
Dr Graham Gault, Principal, Maghaberry Primary School and Secretary, Strategic Primary Principals Forum
Jo McColgan, Principal, Ashfield Boys’ High School
Nigel Frith, Principal, Drumragh Integrated College

Further Information about the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee inquiry can be found here.