Shimna IC Celebrates 25 Years of Learning and Success

Press Release from Shimna Integrated College

On Monday 8th March, the whole Shimna Integrated Community came together for a musical 25th anniversary celebration. The concert featured some of the musical pieces that are happening in extra-curricular activities and exam classes, and also showcased the work of drama students. The centrepiece of the event was the launch of the celebration original single. Our new song, ‘Building Tomorrow’ was unveiled and was also performed live by our newly established choir of Shimna Community Voices. The 127-voice choir is made up of students from Shimna IC and All Children’s Integrated Primary school, as well as staff and families from both schools.

Shimna IC Celebrates 25 Years of Learning and SuccessAs a songwriter and past student of All Children’s and Shimna IC, Ria Maguire decided to mark our quarter-century milestone by writing a song dedicated to the incredible and inspiring work that happens every day in our wonderful school. All students and staff were consulted about their own thoughts about Shimna, and the lyrics of our song were inspired by their words. The Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education’s theme this year is ‘Perspectives’ and we thought this was a fitting way to give our perspective on the importance of integrated education and what integration means to us.

Shimna was awarded a £1000 grant from the Integrated Education Fund’s Carson Bursary scheme, which allowed us to professionally record our song with Dean Stevens from One30Two Studio, as well as to hold a school-wide competition for the CD artwork. Three KS3 students’ designs were chosen to feature on our CD, programmes and promotional material, which has been digitally recreated by Bangor Artist, Rachel Anne Coulter. CDs were available at our concert and the song will be available to stream online in the near future.

Shimna IC Celebrates 25 Years of Learning and SuccessA great deal of dedication and love has gone into the process of writing and rehearsing, and we are now ready for the next stage in the journey of our record – getting it out there! Principal Kevin Lambe said, “As a very young Shimna student, Ria performed in the Waterfront Hall on a very significant Integrated Education anniversary. We are so delighted to have her on the staff now to bring us together in composing, recording and performing our anniversary song. We are particularly pleased to be singing with our own students, staff and families, and also All Children’s IPS students, staff and families.”

Performances included: Shimna Community Choir; Shimna Integrated College Choir; The Singing Sisters; A level and GCSE musicians and singers; Shimna Woodwind Band; Rock Band; Shimna Drama Department; Kevin Lambe.