IEF Report to the NICIE AGM

IEF Report to the NICIE AGM

Riddel Hall, Belfast, Friday, 13 November 2015 s delivered by Dorothee Wagner, IEF Trustee

Thank you for the opportunity this evening to present to you on behalf of the Integrated Education Fund.

As ever the past year proved to be a busy time for the Fund with plenty of activity across grant making, advocacy and fundraising.   As many of you will be aware, but it is always worth remembering, the IEF is entirely dependent on fundraising in order to function effectively as a charitable foundation that can support the growth and development of integrated schools.  Regrettably, there is never enough money to support all the needs of integrated education and therefore unfortunately not every decision from the IEF can be a positive one.  As Chair of the Grants Committee I know that only too well!

However, I am pleased to say that in the last year, the generosity and commitment of supporters and donors enabled the IEF to provide grants totalling over £551,000 which means that, since our establishment in 1992, we have now provided over £19 million in grants to integrated education.  We take pride in working with you, NICIE, the schools and the parents of this Movement to ensure that ultimately our grants can also help you lever the government funding that is rightfully due to the providers of education to our children.

Let me provide an overview of 8 areas of ‘IEF money at work’ over the past year:

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