Trustees’ Annual Report

Trustees’ Annual Report (Incorporating the Directors’ Report)
Period ended 31 March 2018

This report addresses the following matters:

1. Operating context for the year

2. Structure, governance and management
2.1 Mandate
2.2 Governing document
2.3 Board of Directors
2.4 Director induction and training
2.5 Organisation and committees
2.6 Pay policy for senior staff
2.7 Risk management

3. Objectives and activities
3.1 Purposes of the charity
3.2 Strategic plan

4. Achievements and performance
4.1 Grant Making – Effective funding programmes
4.2 Major Gift Fundraising – Supporting the growth and development of integrated education
4.3 Advocacy – Engaging at a political, educational and individual level
4.4 Parental Engagement – Empowering parents

5. Financial review
5.1 Principal funding sources
5.2 Investment powers and policy
5.3 Reserves policy
5.4 Grant making powers and policy
5.5 Other significant events that have affected financial performance

6. Plans for future periods

7. Funds held as Custodian Trustee on behalf of others

8. Trustees’ responsibilities statement


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