Approaches to Sharing and Integration in Education

We believe shared education is good community schools where children of all faiths or none, and regardless of ability, ethnicity, and cultural and social backgrounds learn and are taught together.  These schools may be called mill schools; joint faith schools; national schools; local schools or integrated schools but what matters most is that their ethos, practice and relationships offer equality of access and esteem to all children.
However, there are and will be different approaches and journeys to greater sharing in education, which are sensitive to different areas, demography and histories.  These need sensitively supported and resourced by our education system.  The Continuum highlights a number of these different approaches, many of which have been nurtured by schools over the last 180 years.
In this video, Tim McGarry helps explain how the Continuum could be used.


Download the new and improved Approaches to Sharing and Integration in Education diagram.