Public Conversations

The community engagement events within this programme were held in the following areas: each event page has a breakdown of the local educational context within that area provided by the Education and Library Boards.

These events were chaired by William Crawley from the BBC and organised with a number of local partners in each area.  A regional event will be held at the end of 2012 to bring together participants from the community discussions to reflect and engage with the issues in greater depth with key decision makers.

One of the key goals of each event was to encourage participants to develop their own local conversations between schools and communities in their area.  A focussed and locally driven conversation is crucial to allowing the community to communicate what they want to see in education.

A summary of the Community Engagement in Education series, reflections and findings can be found in our insights report which can be downloaded here.

See the Community Engagement in Education Grants page for how the IEF can support you in holding your own conversations.

The IEF have sought to support and encourage local conversations initiated by parents, community groups, and schools across Northern Ireland. The Council wide events provided information and space for discussion aimed at encouraging people to develop their own more local conversations on possibilities around sharing that might inform area-based planning. The IEF has grant programmes to allow these developments… A number of local conversations have been developed so far, resulting in submissions to the areas respective Education and Library boards to feed into the area based planning process.

Local conversations have so far taken place in: