Enrolments in multidenominational schools up 4%

Enrolments in multidenominational schools up 4%Enrolments in multidenominational schools increased by 4 per cent this year while there was a very small decline in enrolments in Catholic schools, official figures from the Department of Education show.

Overall, enrolments rose by 8,386 across all primary and post-primary schools in September 2019 to a total of 930,833.

At primary level, total enrolments fell slightly to 559,378 in September, which was a reduction of 170 or 0.03 per cent on September 2018.

When examined by ethos, the results show the fastest growing category in percentage and absolute terms was multidenominational schools, which increased by 4.8 per cent with an additional 1,746 pupils.

That compared with a decline of 0.4 per cent in Catholic schools, or 1,810 fewer pupils….

….“The numbers highlight important changes in our school-going population, with a fall in primary enrolments for the first time since 2000 while numbers in post-primary schools have risen substantially,” said Minister for Education Joe McHugh.