14 Nov

NI school leaders in ‘budget crisis’ warning

NI school leaders in 'budget crisis' warningSchools will offer pupils fewer subjects and could cut the school day due to a “budget crisis,” school leaders have said.

The warning comes from the leaders of 80 of Northern Ireland’s largest schools. It is part of a joint statement from organisations representing principals, governors and school finance managers.

Many schools are in a “critical situation,” they said, facing budget deficits of as much as £1m. Their caution came on the same day that the 2017-18 education budget was published by the secretary of state.


14 Nov

Northern Irish schools are now facing ‘major and unrecoverable’ deficits

Northern Irish schools are now facing ‘major and unrecoverable’ deficitsEducation in Northern Ireland is at a “crossroads”, with swingeing budget cuts leaving some schools facing deficits of over £1 million.

That was the warning issued by school leaders, governors and finance managers from more than 80 of the Province’s largest post-primary schools on Monday.

In a joint statement issued just before Northern Ireland’s budget was unveiled, the organisations claimed that the schools they represent are forecasting “major and unrecoverable” deficits over the next three years.


13 Nov

Nobel laureate Mairead Maguire: Concept of ‘just wars’ must be thrown out

Nobel laureate Mairead Maguire: Concept of 'just wars' must be thrown outMs Maguire, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with Betty Williams, also said that many policies agreed in the Northern Ireland peace process have not been fully implemented.

Ms Maguire said the key to progress lies in the community through integrated education, peace education and other initiatives.

“At the heart of a peace culture is a recognition that every person’s life and their humanity is more important than a person’s ethnic inheritance,” she said.


13 Nov

Lots still to be done to meet demand for integrated education

Lots still to be done to meet demand for integrated educationIt is heartening to see that there are now 65 integrated schools with almost 23,000 pupils  –  7 per cent of all school pupils in Northern Ireland (Integrated Education supplement, November 8).

An immense achievement of reconciliation. But every year 100s of applicants are turned away from integrated schools. There’s a lot more to do to meet the demand.

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13 Nov

All praise to the parents and friends of the integrated sector who are helping to grow it

All praise to the parents and friends of the integrated sector who are helping to grow itIt was very heartening to read Ian Acheson’s article in Wednesday’s News Letter (‘Enniskillen is thriving now, and has earned its peace,’ Nov 8).

Very, very many people were moved by those words of the late Gordon Wilson in the Enniskillen of 8 November 1987. And very many people also share Ian Acheson’s conviction “that our obligation to the future must contain more than rage and grief”.

So it was striking to read his comment that “it’s much harder to hate people when you truly know them” in the very issue of the “News Letter” that carried the “Integrated Education” supplement. And that supplement quotes the actual judgements of former pupils of integrated schools.


8 Nov

NI principals demand meeting with Brokenshire over cuts

NI principals demand meeting with Brokenshire over cutsAlmost half of the school principals in Northern Ireland are seeking an urgent meeting with the secretary of state over budget cuts.

The Primary Principals Group say they are “outraged” that of £10m in extra funding announced last month, “nothing is being allocated to schools”.

The group is comprised of 375 school principals, who are calling for an increase in school budgets.


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