18 Aug

A Day At The Races

Busy, busy, busy – as the new term approaches, both in academic and assembly terms, the office at the Fund is working towards a fresh round of activities and campaigning.

The fundraising team is looking ahead first to the 9th September when the annual IEF Race Day is scheduled for Down Royal.   Gemma and Brian have been encouraging supporters to come along and have been occupied in sourcing all the elements needed to make it as successful and convivial as ever.  I’ve never worked in that field so I’m always struck by how many things need to be organised and booked and how much attention to detail is required. (more…)

8 Aug

Summer schemes, and the living is easy!

Most areas offer summer activities for youngsters; a godsend to bored children and busy parents. They are frequently area-based regarding local councils, open to all children whatever their background, whilst some go a step further and declare themselves to be actively furthering community relations through sport, drama or whatever.  (more…)

27 Jul

How Shared Education Can Be A Way Forward For Those Left Behind

By Baroness May Blood, as seen in the Belfast Telegraph, Monday 25th July 2011

The Troubles left many people in Northern Ireland with little to lose; and the peace process should have brought many gains. In most places it has done, but there is a hefty proportion of people who feel little material benefit from political progress and now, with the recession, they feel little hope for the future.

I can list some of the problems we now face: low academic achievement, especially among young Protestant males; discontent and in some cases anger and violence. It was so sad to see the eruption of rioting among young people who should be facing their adult years with hope and confidence. (more…)

28 Jun

Challenging Times

Today I revisited a lesson that I have done a number of times in my classroom. You know that you are becoming an institution in a school when older siblings prime younger ones for ‘The Card Lesson.’

The Thinking

I have always been very adamant that children who leave my class have a sense of their responsibility to society, especially in Northern Ireland where I hope we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past (lefty liberal, that I am!). To this end I like to explore symbols of Northern Ireland in my class in a neutral, open environment. This is a very interesting unit and runs parallel to a small ‘situation’ I give the children to work out. (more…)

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