28 Jun

Challenging Times

Today I revisited a lesson that I have done a number of times in my classroom. You know that you are becoming an institution in a school when older siblings prime younger ones for ‘The Card Lesson.’

The Thinking

I have always been very adamant that children who leave my class have a sense of their responsibility to society, especially in Northern Ireland where I hope we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past (lefty liberal, that I am!). To this end I like to explore symbols of Northern Ireland in my class in a neutral, open environment. This is a very interesting unit and runs parallel to a small ‘situation’ I give the children to work out. (more…)

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24 Jun

PRIDE AND PEDIGREE…..thoughts from the dog with the blog

…as a cute and friendly chap I’m always keen to meet other dogs and, indeed most humans as well – and as a dog who’s  lived a bit –  including a spell on the mean streets of County Down –  I think my experiences of life(rather than just  my parents)  have made me what I am today.  I am not just a brown dog   with four legs and a tail and flop ears.  I’m a brown dog who is determined, strong, energetic and likes to lie by a fire or on a sofa, and who loves to ride in cars. I’m good at digging, not so good at football. (more…)

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17 Jun

Better Relations Key To Better Results?

By Karin Eyben, IEF Public Affairs Manager

‘It’s the quality of relationships that determines society’s future’ was the opening sentence by Brian Steele, from the Positive Behaviour Team in the Scottish Government, at a seminar organised by the School of Education at University of Ulster, Coleraine. Participants ranged from educationalists, teachers, academics to non-governmental organisations interested in hearing about the investment the Scottish government is making in developing restorative practices in schools. (more…)

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7 Jun

Time For A New Chapter?

It was lovely to visit Corran Integrated Primary School, in Larne, the other day to see their fantastic new library.  On such a sunny morning perhaps the children were secretly longing to be outside, but they showed no signs of it – the bunch we met were keen to pick their favourite books from the fresh new shelves to show their visitors. This is a school which raised a thousand pounds at a recent book fair so they obviously love reading. (more…)

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27 May

Shared education or shared out education?

By Karin Eyben, Integrated Education fund

Shared education or shared out education? Which will best serve the needs of our children’s future?

That was a question raised at Sustaining Schools, Sustaining Communities, an event organised by Rural Community Network and the IEF in Ballyronan, on the banks of Lough Neagh. (more…)

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