21 Feb

Promoting a Culture of Trust

There has been the usual buzz of activity in the office this past week – in spite of half-term break and winter bugs! – one aspect being preparations to launch the next round of Promoting a Culture of Trust (PACT)  funding.  The process has thrown up an opportunity to look at some of the PACT projects over the last eleven years; projects linking schools of different management types, usually in the same geographical area, to explore differences and similarities and to celebrate diversity. (more…)

14 Feb

Budget cuts bring an opportunity for social change…

So how is the money to be spent in schools over the next four years? This week, on the 16th, the consultation period for the Executive’s proposed budget closes and the IEF, like many other stakeholders, will have submitted our response. But responding is difficult when the Department of Education’s plans are fairly opaque; the paper produced by DENI lists cuts, but doesn’t allocate expenditure. This is partly because a proportion of the total available sum is allocated to schools themselves to make these decisions (the aggregated schools budget) making it hard to estimate the true effects of the cuts, even though the minister says she is committed to protecting front-line services. (more…)

11 Feb

‘Blog early, blog often’

We spotted an article today on The Independent’s website about the positive impact blogging can have on young children’s writing skills – especially young boys! I have to say I would love to see the kids writing for us more often – maybe a blog-off between the politicians and the schoolkids on Cohesion, Sharing and Integration??!!???!!

Click here to read more.

7 Feb

When Do We Move From Debate To Action Over Integrated Education?


The conversation on segregation and sharing, aired in the media and on political platforms over recent months, demonstrates the imperative for systemic change in education and broad support for greater collaboration and integration. But when do we move beyond conversation to action? (more…)

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