15 Nov

Changes to minibus driver rules ‘devastating for schools’

Changes to minibus driver rules 'devastating for schools' CHANGES to the rules surrounding teachers being able to drive school minibuses on a car driving licence have been described as a “devastating for schools”.

New guidance issued by the Department for Infrastructure to the Education Authority states that teachers must now have a full D1 minibus driving licence and driver certificate of professional competence.


14 Nov

Declan Kearney of Sinn Fein throws out some challenging thoughts about tackling sectarianism

Declan Kearney of Sinn Fein throws out some challenging thoughts about tackling sectarianismLast week we hosted a public discussion in the Duncairn Centre, north Belfast.

It was an excellent event with thought-provoking contributions from, among others, Patricia McKeown, Peter Osborne and Fiona McCausland.

They variously addressed what needs to be done to challenge sectarianism in the workplace by trade unions and employers; the interlocking nature of sectarianism, racism, inequality and bigotry and their political context; and the failure of our political institutions to do more to advance integrated and shared housing as well as integrated education at all levels.


14 Nov

College students in Northern Ireland give us their take on current politics

College students in Northern Ireland give us their take on current politicsIt’s a huge week for Northern Ireland as the British government looks to impose a budget on politicians there.

They haven’t had their own government for nearly a year.

Their Power Sharing Agreement collapsed in a row over a clean air law and disagreements continue over an Irish language act.

Newsbeat got two politically opposite friends from Hazlewood Integrated College in Belfast to see if they could agree where politicians had failed.


14 Nov

NI school leaders in ‘budget crisis’ warning

NI school leaders in 'budget crisis' warningSchools will offer pupils fewer subjects and could cut the school day due to a “budget crisis,” school leaders have said.

The warning comes from the leaders of 80 of Northern Ireland’s largest schools. It is part of a joint statement from organisations representing principals, governors and school finance managers.

Many schools are in a “critical situation,” they said, facing budget deficits of as much as £1m. Their caution came on the same day that the 2017-18 education budget was published by the secretary of state.


14 Nov

Northern Irish schools are now facing ‘major and unrecoverable’ deficits

Northern Irish schools are now facing ‘major and unrecoverable’ deficitsEducation in Northern Ireland is at a “crossroads”, with swingeing budget cuts leaving some schools facing deficits of over £1 million.

That was the warning issued by school leaders, governors and finance managers from more than 80 of the Province’s largest post-primary schools on Monday.

In a joint statement issued just before Northern Ireland’s budget was unveiled, the organisations claimed that the schools they represent are forecasting “major and unrecoverable” deficits over the next three years.


13 Nov

Nobel laureate Mairead Maguire: Concept of ‘just wars’ must be thrown out

Nobel laureate Mairead Maguire: Concept of 'just wars' must be thrown outMs Maguire, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with Betty Williams, also said that many policies agreed in the Northern Ireland peace process have not been fully implemented.

Ms Maguire said the key to progress lies in the community through integrated education, peace education and other initiatives.

“At the heart of a peace culture is a recognition that every person’s life and their humanity is more important than a person’s ethnic inheritance,” she said.


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