Stars raise a laugh for integrated education

Event Date: 10th September, 2016

Five funny friends of the IEF entertained a crowd at the Ulster Hall on Saturday (September 10) with a one-off comedy special which raised laughs whilst raising cash for the Fund’s work.

“Stand Up for Integrated Education” brought top names together on stage as mentalist David Meade was joined by comedians Tim McGarry, Neil Dougan, Colin Murphy and Wendy Wason, generously giving their time in support of the IEF.

IEF Campaign Chair Baroness May Blood welcoming the stars to the Ulster Hall before the showWelcoming the stars to the Ulster Hall before the show, IEF Campaign Chair Baroness May Blood said “Separating children into different schools from the age of four is not a laughing matter, but it’s good for us to giggle, and it’s all raised valuable funds to help our work at the IEF. The charity exists to grow integrated education in response to parental demand and we couldn’t do it without our generous supporters.

“Thank you everyone involved and especially to Tim McGarry who pulled the show together and brought in such great acts: David, Wendy, Neil and Colin. We are really grateful for their help and for a great night of entertainment.  I know they are all busy so we really do appreciate them adding the Ulster Hall to their schedules and putting on such a hilarious show.”

Tim McGarry commented “So many people want integrated education and there just aren’t enough places – instead we divide children at four years old and dictate who their friends will be. The IEF helps integrated schools meet demand from parents and I’m proud to help the IEF.”

Tony Carson, Baroness May Blood and Terry CrossDavid Meade added “It’s a fabulous charity; integrated education is important to us all and it’s important to laugh at ourselves, including those things we need to work on for the sake of everyone in Northern Ireland. It’s great being in a show surrounded by friends, especially when you’re all bringing the best of your work together in an event like this.”

Supporters of the IEF gathered before the show to enjoy a VIP reception kindly sponsored by Mervyn McCall, with wine donated by Terry Cross and Chateau de la Ligne. The evening was also sponsored by the family of late and legendary Belfast comedian Frank Carson.


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