Exploring Sharing

Sharing Between Schools

Our aim is simple. We want to enable as many children as possible to learn together in an environment that celebrates, not fears, religious and cultural diversity. We are also working towards a time when organisations like ours will no longer need to exist; when integration not separation is the norm in our education system.

In addition to the grants we have available for those wishing to explore transformation to integrated status, the IEF runs several additional grant making programmes throughout the year, such as the PACT (Promoting A Culture of Trust) programme which is open to all schools. The PACT programme is designed to support schools and groups which give equal recognition to and promote equal expression of the two main traditions in Northern Ireland, encouraging the development of understanding and respect.

To find out more information about the grant programmes currently available please click here.

Becoming An Integrated School – Transformation

What is “Transformation”?

Transformation is the process of changes which happens when an existing school chooses to become integrated. This means that it will be recognised officially as an integrated school, basing its principles on those underpinning the concept of integrated education.

For more information on Transformation and the support grants available please click here.