Our Key Messages

      1. Undertake an Executive led independent review to bring forward practical proposals on how best to develop a shared and integrated education system with a commitment to publish its recommendations and implementation plan within a year.
      2. To put in place a long-term plan that is agreed by the Executive and key stakeholders, and is appropriately resourced and monitored to achieve significant progress in supporting schools become shared spaces and community based schools built around children.
      3. To place a duty on all schools in receipt of public money to be ‘inclusive shared spaces’ and be intentionally working towards being open to children from all political, religious and cultural backgrounds that make up Northern Ireland.
      4. Set in place, as a matter of urgency, an area based planning framework that includes local people as well as other educational stakeholders to plan education on the basis of demand and demonstrable need.
      5. To ensure that legislation encourages mergers and federations and other creative shared education solutions. It is critical that there are no legislative impediments to new models of federation and the sharing of resources and governance between schools.
      6. DE to submit an Invest to Save bid to provide resources for those schools wishing to explore mergers and federation models across different sectors. A capital funding model should be developed to incentivize shared and integrated education.
      7. Establish a cost effective mechanism for administration, planning and resource purposes.
      8. Ensure strong commitments to develop a unified, cohesive, shared and integrated education system within the new Programme for Government which ensures educational not sectoral growth.