CEE Allocation

Belfast Interface Project

Project Title – Identifying Potential for Sharing Education in Interface Areas

School’s included in the project – Boy’s Model, Little Flower, Glenwood PS, Holy Cross Boys

The purpose of the project is to measure attitudes towards current levels of sharing in education, and towards potentially increasing levels of sharing in education, amongst a range of stakeholders within interface communities the city.  The research will  seek to identify achievable measures that would increase levels of sharing in education, the results of which will be publicly launched in a report outlining project findings.  It is hoped that the research will highlight practical possibilities for increasing sharing in specific interface areas.

East Belfast Partnership

Project Title – New Places to Learn

School’s included in the project – St. Matthew’s, Avoneil PS

This project fits into a wider programme on the regeneration of the Templemore Avenue area of East Belfast.  The aims of the project include developing Parents Forums within key schools and the wider neighbourhoods to share issues related to their children’s learning.  The project will seek to explore with all stakeholders how available space on the interface could be used to improve the education offered to local children and to examine the potential of shared services.

Inner East Youth Project

Project Title – Education in Today’s Society

School’s included in the project –St. Matthew’s, Nettlefield, Euston St., Harding, Grosvenor Grammar, Orangefield High. Our Lady & St. Pats, St. Joseph’s, Ashfield (Boys & Girls)

The IEYP seeks to produce a relevant and useful booklet on the state of education in Inner East Belfast which will then be presented to ministers at Stormont.  Through a series of community discussions the project aims to highlight and address the issues that would contribute to making the education system better for all and also the role that both parents and pupils have to play in contributing to a better education.

Sandy Row Community Forum

Project Title – Generating Discussion on Inclusive Education

School’s included in the project – Blythefield PS, Fane Street PS, Donegall Road PS

The aim of the project is to engage all stakeholders in the Sandy Row community in a consultation process to allow people to voice opinions around the potential amalgamation of three schools.  The project is committed to guaranteeing that all members of the community have an opportunity to input into key decision-making processes, ensuring ownership and commitment to any new shared educational facility.