Increasing Places In Integrated Schools – Now Closed

The IEF is delighted to be able to offer grants through the Increasing Places In Integrated Schools (IPIS) programme open to integrated schools seeking to increase their enrolment.

The current budget constraints and problems with capital funding mean that many integrated schools are facing difficulties in finding support as they seek to realise potential growth. The IEF, therefore, is inviting applications for funding for projects designed to increase the number of sustainable integrated school places that are available.

Schools can apply for funding up to a maximum of £75,000 and should be in a position to contribute to the overall costs of the project. This may include, for example, covering the costs for building control, planning permission and refurbishment.


As there is limited funding available, strict criteria will be applied. A school applying to the new programme must have at least 80% of the enrolment numbers advised in the Department of Education’s sustainability guidelines. If the school is close to the 100% enrolment level, it must be planning to submit a development proposal to increase enrolment numbers.

Project Criteria

To be eligible for consideration it is ESSENTIAL for you to demonstrate that the project will:

  • significantly grow the number of sustainable integrated school places available (significant growth is defined as a minimum of 25 additional pupils or a 10% increase in enrolment numbers over a period of 3 years);
  • be completed within 3 years of the grant being received;
  • be a one-off project or prove that it can be self-sustaining beyond the duration of the grant; and
  • not be eligible for government funding. Applicants for capital funding for additional accommodation will therefore need to prove that DE/ELB will not provide this accommodation.

It is DESIRABLE that the project will also:

  • raise awareness in the wider community of the work undertaken and thus stimulate growth in integrated school places.



To access details on the most recent IPIS grant allocations please click here.

For further information contact Sara Shields, Grants Officer on 028 9033 0031 or email sara@ief.org.uk