PACT Grantee Info

Although it may be some time before you are due to complete your PACT project, the IEF encourages you to consider the information that you will be required to submit to the IEF during and/or at the end of your project. Please refer to the Letter of Offer for your grant and the payment schedule for full details of when the report(s) will be due and what will be required.

For each level of grant different Report Forms are required and these can be downloaded below:

Alternatively, upon request, the Report Forms can also be e-mailed or posted to you.

Completed Report Forms contribute to IEF monitoring of grants and grant funded projects and assist in the assessments for releasing grant payments. Whilst the information received by the IEF is treated in strictest confidence the IEF may refer to experiences and examples of good practice to promote and encourage new projects in future rounds of the programme.

Completing the Report Forms may also support you during the implementation of your project. The Report Forms are laid out to complement the format of your original application to the IEF.

Please note, accessing and using your Report Form at the outset of the project may help you to:

  • Monitor your progress towards achieving your original aims and objectives
  • Record the progress of the project according to your original project schedule
  • Record your project expenditure and regularly review your budget
  • Identify potential challenges and explore steps that could be taken to overcome them
  • Collect along the way the paperwork that you will be required to submit to the IEF
  • Communicate to stakeholders for example, what stage the project is at, what roles/tasks may be available, areas of the project that could still be developed, etc

If you require further information or would like to discuss your grant or project in more detail please do not hesitate to contact the IEF Grants Officer, Sara Shields, by email to or by telephone on 028 9033 0031.