Previous Projects

Drawing from External Evaluation Reports on previous rounds of the programme and previous PACT publications the following are some examples of the many successful projects which have been grant aided by the PACT programme.

These examples have been chosen to provide a representative selection of projects run by schools of different management types and key stages taught.

The examples given may help applicants to focus their own project intentions or inspire new project direction but should not be used as models or templates to which strict adherence would guarantee success. Every project is different and each one must be tailored to the applicant’s own unique setting and circumstances.

Please note that the examples given do not represent an exhaustive list of all those who have been successful and each have had successes in different ways and to different extents.

View details of each project by clicking  in the table.

Please note that in all cases, the text of the ‘Aims and Objectives’ has been transcribed into this report directly as expressed and submitted by the applicants.

  LeadSchool Type Focus Other schools involved
1 Controlled Nursery Urban interface issues Maintained Nursery
2 Maintained Primary Music from the two traditions Controlled Primary
3 Maintained Primary Deconstructing sectarianism through drama Controlled Primary
4 Controlled Primary English and ICT to produce joint newsletter Maintained Primary
5 Controlled Primary Empowering parents as helpers on cross-community visits Maintained Primary
6 Integrated College Promoting Integration Seven local schools representing Primary, Secondary, Maintained and Controlled
7 Controlled High School Diversity through sport Maintained High School and eight Primary Schools of different management types