7 Nov

Poll shows the public want to be involved in education planning

A recent survey by independent polling company LucidTalk shows that the vast majority of people want to be involved in education planning in Northern Ireland. The research also shows that citizens want to see the duplication and waste in the education system tackled urgently.

Three questions relating to education planning were put to a representative sample of 1,089 people who were questioned in September as part of a wider poll for the Belfast Telegraph.

Faced with the question “Northern Ireland faces cuts in public services; do you think that the duplication of resources in education, which has created over tens of thousands empty schools places, should be addressed as a matter of urgency?” the responses were

Yes – 77%
No – 9%
No Opinion – 14% (more…)

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28 Oct

Shared and Integrated Education Inquiry

The Integrated Education has responded to the Education Committee’s call for submissions to the Shared and Integrated Education Inquiry. This inquiry has provided us with an opportunity to send a powerful message to politicians and policy makers to remind them of the many benefits of integrated education and that demand for integrated education is as strong as ever.

Integrated education brings children, staff and governors from Catholic and Protestant traditions, as well as those of other faiths or none, and other cultures, together in one school. Integrated schools differ from most other schools in Northern Ireland by ensuring that children from diverse backgrounds are educated together every day, side by side in the same classrooms. (more…)

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28 Oct

IEF call for new trustees

The Integrated Education Fund (IEF) is an independent charitable trust that raises funds locally, nationally and internationally.  The Fund provides a financial foundation for the development and growth of integrated education and to increase opportunities for meaningful sharing in education across the community in Northern Ireland.

The Board of Trustees of the Fund is a small but experienced and dedicated team of volunteers working to make integration, not separation, the norm in Northern Ireland’s schools.  We are now seeking new members with the commitment, willingness and time to participate actively in the work of the Fund.  (more…)

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27 Oct

Stiff Little Fingers make ‘No Going Back’ pledge to Integrated Education

Northern Ireland’s iconic punk band, Stiff Little Fingers (SLF), have continued put their money where their mouth is by today donating more than £5,000 to the Integrated Education Fund (IEF). The band, who are well known for their anti-sectarian stance to life in Northern Ireland and for classic songs like ‘Alternative Ulster’ and ‘Suspect Device’, have been supporting the work of IEF for a number of years.

The donation was raised as part of a ‘Pledge Campaign’ by their loyal fan base which ensured release of the band’s ninth studio album – ‘No Going Back’. When the band reached their initial funding goal within five hours, they decided to gift 5% of any additional funds raised to help support integrated education back in their home country. (more…)

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20 Oct

Youth events – Have Your Say

Are you aged 16-25? What do you think about our education system, our employment situation or your prospects for the future? It is time for you to HAVE YOUR SAY!

We want to hear what you have to say about the segregated nature of our society and what Northern Ireland might look like in the future. Should we all be living and learning together? Is our segregated education system hurting our economy and job opportunities? (more…)

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16 Oct

IEF pledges to raise £5m to help meet demand for integrated education

The Integrated Education Fund is committed to “opening minds to a united future”, and pledges to raise £5 million to underpin our campaign.

Baroness May Blood MBE, the IEF Campaign Chair, welcomed supporters, friends and guests to the launch of the Fund’s development plan at Clifton House in Belfast on October 16th. The plan sets out the aims and strategy of the charity for the next three years.

The document, entitled “Opening Minds” presents our vision for education reform and our strategy to support the growth of integrated education in response to public demand. (more…)

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