6 Sep

One School Of Thought – Children Should Learn Together

An open letter published today in Northern Ireland calls on the new Executive, Education Minister and MLAs to encourage our politicians to make educational reform a key priority over the next four years, for the sake of all our futures. At the same time, a new campaign is launched in which the wider public can become involved: One School of Thought.

It’s a campaign fully supported by the Integrated Education Fund.


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1 Sep

30 Years Of Integrated Schools In Northern Ireland!

Many Happy Returns to Lagan College in South Belfast which celebrates a significant birthday this year. The College was founded in 1981 as a response to the challenges of community conflict and a divided school system in Northern Ireland.

All Children Together – founded by parents – argued that one of the most powerful ways Christians could respond to the charge that the fighting was about religion would be for Protestants and Catholics to educate their children together in the same schools. A letter from Mrs Cecil Lenihan to the Belfast Telegraph led to public meetings which in turn and in time led to the foundation of Lagan College. (more…)

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