15 Jan

Green Party Leader deeply concerned over apparent withholding of vital funding

Green Party Leader Steven Agnew has expressed deep disquiet over the apparent withholding of £30 million in funding intended to alleviate pressures in health and education.

The Department of Finance announced in November that the first £20 million of the total £50 million Resource funding outlined in the annex to the Confidence and Supply Agreement would be accessed this year. (more…)

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12 Dec

Politicians respond to latest budget crisis in schools

Political parties’ education spokespeople have been reacting to the news that more Northern Ireland schools than ever before face a budget deficit this year. Describing the situation the Education Authority Chief Executive Gavin Boyd also warned that the education system is facing a £350m funding gap by 2019-20 if it does not get more money. (more…)

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24 Nov

Shared Futures… Shared Classrooms

A recent blog by Richard Buckley, Editor of Business Eye

We make no apology for being a big fan of the concept of integrated education. As one of the media business’s big guns, Colin Anderson, once put it……”They divide our kids at four years old for 15 years and then demand by law that our employers have a harmonious mixed workforce.”

Integrated education has come on in leaps and bounds since its very early days when Lagan & Hazelwood Colleges were the only examples of a very lonely breed. These days, there are integrated schools all over the place and increasing numbers of our kids are educated alongside those of a different religion. (more…)

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