Draft Programme for Government Consultation

Draft Programme for Government ConsultationThe Programme for Government (PfG) sets out the priorities that the Executive will pursue in the current Assembly mandate and the most significant actions it will take to address them. This year the PfG has taken a new format, setting out desired outcomes and then the actions required to achieve these, accompanied by key indicators which  must be accomplished to show that progress is being made.

The proposed PfG was open for public consultation, which closed on 23 December 2016.

This document has been produced after a consultation exercise for the original draft framework which closed in July.

A total of 810 responses to that consultation were received.

The proposed PfG is still focussed on desired outcomes, with 14 outcomes continuing from the previous framework document but now with 48 statistical indicators specified instead of the 42 used previously.

Integrated education is mentioned under outcome 7:  “We have a safe community where we respect the law and each other” and outcome 9:  “We are a shared society that respects diversity” There is a pledge to “encourage and facilitate integrated education” as a way of increasing respect and increasing shared space. This sits alongside an existing statutory duty to “encourage and facilitate the development of integrated education.”

Delivery plans are in development to meet each indicator, involving cross-departmental collaboration.

In due course, the Programme for Government will provide the strategic context for other key Executive strategy documents, including the Investment Strategy, the Economic Strategy and a Social Strategy.  The Programme will also inform the development of the Executive’s budget over the course of this mandate and provide a mechanism for ensuring our limited funds are best directed to where they can contribute most.