2017 Manifestos

2017 Manifestos

Listed below are the 2017 manifestos from the parties who won seats in the 2016 Election plus any other manifesto we have been sent.

Meanwhile here is a brief summary of the policy regarding IE in the Assembly parties, the PUP and the Workers Party.


Alliance 2017 Manifesto

Alliance Manifesto






DUP ManifestoDUP Manifesto






Green ManifestoGreen Party Manifesto






People Before Profit ManifestoPeople Before Profit Manifesto






SDLP ManifestoSDLP Manifesto






Sinn Fein ManifestoSinn Fein Manifesto






TUV ManifestoTUV Manifesto






UUP ManifestoUUP Manifesto






Workers Party ManifestoWorkers Party Manifesto






Click here to see what the parties said prior to the 2016 Election.