Quiz the Candidates

Quiz the Candidates

Quiz the Candidates

We’ve drawn up some questions which the IEF has been putting to political parties; you may like to put the same questions to party representatives in the doorstep, at meetings or through social media in order to highlight education as a key issue for voters in Northern Ireland.

1. What is your party’s vision for education?

2. How does your policy reflect the majority wishes of parents in this community rather than the vested interests of the educational establishment?

3. Will you work to make sure that the current independent review of integrated education leads to real change which will enable all parents who want it to access an integrated school place?

4. How will you allocate the education budget so that more funds go to schools themselves?

5. What are your party’s plans for engaging the public effectively in plans and decisions for their area, particularly regarding housing and education?

6. Will your party engage with the business sector when planning education?

Click here to download a copy of these questions to keep beside your front door.