Survey Shows Support For Integration

An opinion poll by Ipsos MORI gives an up-to-date picture of public attitudes to shared and integrated education in the context of today’s economic constraints.   The survey, which targeted just over a thousand adults around Northern Ireland, was commissioned by the Integrated Education Fund and examined key areas such as budget cuts, religion in schools and education reform.  

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Results suggest that:

  • Almost nine in ten people surveyed are in favour of  integrated education;
  • Two thirds of the public would support a move to transform their local school to integrated status;
  • There is widespread support for the idea that schools receiving state funding should be welcoming to children of all faiths and none;
  • A majority would choose to reduce spending by sharing schools and amalgamating resources over cutting maintenance or jobs;
  • The majority of respondents want to see an independent commission set up to rethink educational delivery;
  • There is also support for holding a referendum on the future education system in Northern Ireland if the Education Minister and the Executive are unable to reach agreement on the commission’s recommendations.

Tina Merron, the Chief Executive of the IEF, commented

The new Executive can get to work on education, confident in the awareness that the appetite for shared and integrated education is growing, and that parents support schools which accommodate and value all cultures and backgrounds. There is a clear message that, if the new Executive yet again fails to achieve what it was elected to achieve, an independent commission should be instigated and set to work examining and re-designing our education system.”

The full report is now available by clicking here.

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