Integration Works event at Clifton House

Following the publication of the Department of Education document “Integration Works” – which presents guidance and information for schools considering becoming integrated, NICIE and the IEF held an information event on Tue 12 March 2019.

Integration Works event at Clifton HouseThe event was held at Clifton House (Belfast), in attendance were representatives of 2 nursery schools, 6 primary schools and 4 post-primaries, and it provided information on the process of Transformation, which is the legal process for a school to become integrated.

The event provided the schools attending an opportunity to ask any questions they have and hear more about the process. In particular, the participants reported that they had benefitted from hearing presentations by representatives of schools who have already become integrated or who have started the process of transformation towards integrated status.

Integration Works event at Clifton House – 12 March 2019Baroness May Blood welcomed everyone to the event, and presentations were made by the Principals of Cliftonville Integrated Primary School, Carrickfergus Central Primary School, Drumlins Integrated Primary School and Crumlin Integrated Primary School.

IEF and NICIE would like to thank all the schools who sent representatives to the event as well as those that gave presentations about their experiences of integrated education and the transformation process. We will follow up with those who took part in the event to ensure that they receive the support needed in the event of deciding to go down the route of become an integrated school.

If your school is considering becoming integrated, please contact Jill Caskey, by email or by phone, 028 9069 4099.

Click the video below to see the Cliftonville IPS choir performing at Integration Works event.