Newtownards Micro-poll Shows Support for Integrated Education

The IEF and LucidTalk presented results of a micro-poll of parental views in the Newtownards area on Wednesday 15 May in Ards Community Network. The poll has shown that Newtownards parents would like a school, for their children, which is openly welcoming to pupils from all sections of the community – and 69% of those questioned said they would support their local school becoming integrated.

Newtownards Micro-poll Launch Shows Support for Integrated EducationLucidTalk is an established incorporated company operating in the Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Great Britain marketplaces. It offers and provides market research and polling services to a wide range of clients including government, retail, social economy, and private sector organisations. They were commissioned to carry out this poll due to parental interest in integrated education in the area.

The poll also highlighted that 75% of parents of pre-primary school aged children are concerned that they not be able to access a place in a school of their choice. Parents felt that “Good learning support” would be the most important factor when choosing a school. A school “reflecting a particular faith background” is the least important factor. The two top factors in terms of ‘saving money’ in the education system were ‘Merging small/undersubscribed schools’ and ‘Reducing administration costs at management level’.

Parents and community representatives had a chance to put questions to the IEF and Bill White, the founder of LucidTalk and to discuss next steps regarding these findings. Due to the fact that 69% of parents would support their child’s school becoming integrated, the IEF will circulate this information to all local nursery and primary schools. For more details on this, please contact

You can see full details of the poll here:

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