Peace Prize nomination for integrated education campaigners

The IEF and NICIE are honoured and delighted that the organisations have been jointly nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize 2019.

The nomination, from eminent politicians and academics shows an international appreciation of the work of parents, campaigners and schools to develop integrated education in Northern Ireland. It also recognises the daily work within integrated schools to actively and intentionally celebrate religious and cultural integration in our divided society.

Peace Prize nomination for integrated education campaignersTina Merron, IEF Chief Executive, said
“This is a great honour, and a testament to all the pioneers who have been committed to opening and developing integrated schools in the face of social challenges and political inertia. Thanks are due to the nominators and also to the donors and supporters who have helped grow integrated education in Northern Ireland in response to parental demand.”

Lagan College in Belfast, the first planned integrated school, was awarded the Cross of Nails and, more recently, New-Bridge Integrated College in Loughbrickland received the Evens Peace Prize.

Roisin Marshall, CEO of NICIE, commented
“This Nobel nomination is the latest prestigious recognition of the spirit of the integrated education movement. It highlights the power of education in supporting peace building and reconciliation – and also acknowledges the dedication shown by committed campaigners over four decades in the face of social challenges and political inertia.”

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2019 will be chosen from the hundreds of nominees and the decision announced in October.