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Did you know that parents have a say in whether or not a school becomes integrated?

If parents of more than 20% of pupils in a school sign a petition (such as Integrate My School) that they would like the school to Transform to become integrated, the Board of Governors are legally required to hold a ballot to see if that’s what the majority of parents want. And if the parents vote yes, the school will then be required to submit a proposal to the Department of Education to become an integrated school.

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Between February 2019 and February 2020, 8 schools across Northern Ireland (both Controlled and Catholic Maintained) held ballots among their parents – and the result was positive in all cases. These schools are now taking their first steps towards becoming integrated as a result of parents saying that they would like this to happen.

Register online to support your child’s school to become integratedAlmost all schools can become integrated (except hospital schools and special schools) through a legal process called Transformation. The process can be initiated by the school’s Board of Governors or through a petition from parents of 20% or more of the pupils in the school. In both cases, the school will only take the next step towards becoming integrated if a majority of parents vote for this in an independent ballot.

Ongoing engagement, as well as recently held polls, has demonstrated the support amongst parents and the wider community for more schools to become integrated.

For instance, 67% of respondents in a recent poll confirmed that they would support their child’s school becoming integrated while 69% of respondents in another poll agreed that all schools in Northern Ireland should be integrated. (Lucid Talk 2018; Sky News 2018) Given that only approximately 7% of pupils currently have access to integrated education, there is a clear need for integrated school places to increase to meet the current demand from parents.

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