Pre-school education in Northern Ireland

The latest paper in the Ulster University series looking at the NI education system focuses on the pre-school year just before starting primary school.

While pre-school attendance is not compulsory in Northern Ireland, it is seen as offering a smooth transition into primary school and has been developed so as to lead onto the Foundation Stage of the Northern Ireland Curriculum (Primary 1 and 2). The government’s commitment to provide a free pre-school year to every child whose family wants it resulted in 92% of all three-year-olds taking up a preschool place in 2018/19.Pre-school education in Northern Ireland

The briefing paper, the sixth in the “Transforming Education” series, refers to recent UU research which found that:
“The governance of pre-school provision reflects Northern Ireland’s complex and divided education system. The fragmented nature of pre-school education in Northern Ireland has produced a system with many types of provision and multiple oversight from a range of bodies.”

The authors of “Pre-school education in Northern Ireland”, conclude:
“It has been recognised that pre-school enrolments might reflect the community in which they are found but, over time, there was a hope that these settings could have an increasing role in embracing diversity and building peaceful communities. Challenging community divisions is difficult, even if there were a political will to do so.”

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The UU School of Education has received funding from the IEF, the UNESCO Centre, The Community Foundation NI and The Ireland Funds to support publication of the research.