IEF Publish Position Paper on Independent Review of Education

The Integrated Education Fund (IEF) welcomes the recent announcement by the Education Minister to establish an Independent Review of Education and believes it provides a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to set out a roadmap to reform the education system and normalise the school experience for our children, their children and future generations.

IEF Publish Position Paper on Independent Review of EducationLaunching the IEF’s Position Paper, Richard Lemon, Chair of the IEF said, “The segregated nature of our education system must not be the accepted social norm, it is not normal, it is morally, socially and economically wrong.

The planned Review presents an opportunity to put in place a road map to transform all stages of our education system. We need to place children rather than institutions at the heart of policy and support school communities in the development of an ethos of inclusion and diversity which enables all children to achieve.”

The Position Paper outlines why a reformed education system is an essential ingredient for an economically prosperous, socially harmonious and truly reconciled Northern Ireland.

The IEF Position Paper can be downloaded here.

Further information, including the Terms of Reference for the Review, can be found on the Department of Education website here.