Education Minster Stops another School Transforming To Integrated Status

Education Minister, Peter Weir, has denied parents the right to send their children to an integrated school. The development proposal that would have seen Ballyhackett Primary School outside Castlerock, become the second Catholic school to transform to integrated status was rejected by the Minister.

Responding to the Minister’s decision, Tina Merron, CEO of IEF, said:
‘This is a sad day for the parents, pupils and staff of Ballyhackett PS. We are deeply disappointed that the school, which has been at the heart of the local community for over 150 years, has been denied the opportunity to Transform to integrated status by the Department of Education.’

The Minister also recently turned down a Development Proposal for St Mary’s High School, Fermanagh to become an integrated school.

Principal of Ballyhackett PS, Grainne McIlvar, said:
Education Minster Stops another School Transforming To Integrated Status‘We are devastated at the Minster’s decision, and bitterly disappointed. The parents voted overwhelmingly in favour of transforming Ballyhackett to an Integrated Primary school. The parents, Governors and Staff have worked very hard for transformation to integrated status and the further development of our school in the local community, and this is a real blow in our efforts to educate children from different religious backgrounds together.’

Parents around NI can express their support for their own school to become officially integrated on the Integrate My School platform: