Sir Keir Starmer and Louise Haigh visit Forge Integrated Primary

Forge Integrated Primary School had a very special visit this morning as Labour Party Leader Sir Keir Starmer and Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Louise Haigh joined Baroness May Blood, Richard Lemon (IEF Chair), Eamon Quinn (NICIE Vice Chair), pupils and staff at their summer scheme.



He praised the work of staff, pupils and parents, saying:

“The teachers, parents and children of Forge Integrated Primary School are helping build the shared future the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement imagined.

We owe it to the younger generations to deliver the promise of peace.”


Baroness May Blood added:

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Sir Keir Starmer and Louise Haigh to Forge Integrated Primary School, one of the first ever integrated primary schools to open in Northern Ireland. Forge is an example of the growing demand for integrated schooling, with enrolments practically doubling in the past seven years. There is real sense of momentum building for greater integration within the community. This year alone four schools have been approved to become integrated as a result of a democratic ballot of their parents. This includes the transformation of the first ever Catholic school and the first ever Nursery school. This is a result of the hard work of many people within the community – parents, schools and supporters. It is my great hope that one day government will finally start to plan for the development of more integrated education.”