Independent Review of Education Launched

The most important report into NI Education since the Good Friday Agreement

March 21, 2022


The IEF would like to invite its friends and supporters to make their views known to the Independent Review of Education.

The initial consultation is now open. We have long maintained that the current system is not fit for purpose and that root and branch reform is essential to bring our children’s education into the 21st century.

The deadline for this stage is February 4th 2022 and the survey takes approximately 20 minutes.

Please read our suggested talking points and feel free to suggest your own:

Key Changes – what needs to change?

To normalise the education system, to allow young people from different backgrounds to be together in the same classrooms, learning side by side, every day, a long-term plan is needed with a road map over the next ten years which includes set targets to measure progress.

The key changes which need to take place include:

  1. A single body for the administration of education.
  2. Area based planning which is shaped by the community and reflects parental choice, community needs, young people’s views and the desire for a shared future within financial realities.
  3. A single model of governance for all schools.
  4. A single teacher training system, where teachers of all faiths and none are training together.
  5. The extension of fair employment legislation to the appointment and promotion of teachers i.e. the removal of the FETO exception.
  6. A Department of Education Integrated Education Strategy to encourage, facilitate, promote and support the growth of Integrated Education.
  7. Cross–departmental working to ensure best use of resources and to help increase shared housing and integrated education.
  8. Ring fenced funding to support schools in their progress towards Integrated Education.
  9. A presumption established in overarching area-based planning that all new schools should be integrated.
  10. Ring fenced funding by the Department of Education and resources for a dedicated team within the Department of Education to match the growing needs of Integrated Education.

You can access the survey here.