How can public policy help combat sectarianism? Part 3/3

How can public policy help combat sectarianism? Part 3/3With the political and government frameworks underpinned by legislation as discussed in two previous articles, the third consideration is how a Bill of Rights could provide a minimum standard or baseline for citizens, as well as to kick start the behavioural change that is required to address sectarianism, along with some of the other “isms” that continue to pervade our society.

A Bill of Rights remains outstanding from the Good Friday Agreement, and is something that many have campaigned for, with the NI Human Rights Commission endowed with statutory instruction, conducting extensive engagement on the matter.

It is important to make mention of our robust Section 75 legislation which put equality of opportunity and good relations at the heart of policy making, laying the foundations necessary for locking down equality across the community.

But the next step is the development of a suite of legislation that builds on the equalities that are now embedded in society, which actively promote integration.