Maxine Mawhinney talks to Leona O’Neill

Maxine Mawhinney talks to Leona O'NeillNow retired from reporting, next month the Belfast-born journalist will become an ambassador for the NI Hospice, a charity close to her heart after the deaths of her sister and stepfather from cancer.

She is one of the most well-known journalists to come out of Northern Ireland and working on some of the world’s biggest news stories while juggling single motherhood, she blazed a trail for strong, fearless female reporters in what had been predominantly a man’s world.

… Maxine says she feels that part of Northern Ireland’s problem is educating our children separately. “I am a real supporter of the Integrated Education Fund,” she says.

“Having grown up through a segregated system and then travelled the world with my children who grew up in non-segregated systems, I can see the damage that that kind of isolation – particularly in our community – can do.

“I think separating children along religious grounds is not a good idea. Integrated education just takes away the ‘them and us’ scenario.”…