20th Anniversary

20th AnniversaryThe year 2012 marked the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Integrated Education Fund (IEF). The booklet, while not a definitive history of the IEF, briefly outlines the ‘what, why and when’, some of the challenges that have been faced, and some of the successes.

The booklet contains a brief history of the Integrated Education Fund, with a Foreward by Senator George Mitchell and concluding remarks by Baroness May Blood.  To read it click here.

To read any of the personal renditions of the past 20 years click on any of the images below.



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Marie Cowan    Bryn Davies      Roberta Forsythe Vincent Fullam   
Ciaran Gamble Olwen Griffith Andrea Grimason Rosie Hassin
Frances Hughes George Leslie Denise McBay Peter McCartney
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