Transformation is the name given to the process when a school changes to become an Integrated school from a different management type.

What is Transformation?

Transformation is a legal process that allows a school of any management type to transform to an Integrated school.

Any school is able to transform to become an Integrated School, with the exception of special schools, schools established in hospitals and those already approved for closure. These schools are an exception due to current legislation.

Schools that can transform include:
• Nursery Schools
• Primary Schools of all management types
• Post Primary Schools of all management types

The Transformation process can be started in one of two ways;
• A school’s Board of Governors can decide it would like to consider Transformation and consults with parents, or
• A request to change to an integrated school is submitted to a school’s Board of Governors by at least 20% of the school’s parents

Errol Lemon, former Principal of Brownlow Integrated College, recalls:

“In more than 30 years of teaching, steering a school through the Transformation to Integrated status was the biggest but also the most satisfying challenge of my professional life.  Our school shows that contentious issues can be resolved if there is goodwill – and in my experience there is plenty of goodwill among our young people.  As one past pupil said to me, ‘If I hadn’t gone to Brownlow, I would never have met my best friend.’"

Considering Transformation?

If you are a school considering Transformation, you may find it useful to talk to other Principals who have already explored and chosen Transformation because it was a natural path for them.

If so, we can help to connect you to those who have so much experience to share. We can also offer help, advice and financial support on how your school can explore change through Transformation.

Sometimes a chat may be just what you need, why not get in touch by contacting Andrew Norrie on: 028 9069 4099 or email:

Stories of Transformation

A number of Northern Ireland's Integrated Schools are schools that have transformed. Below are some of their stories. Many of the schools that have been through the Transformation process are happy to share their experiences with you and answer any questions you may have. For more information, contact the IEF Parental Engagement Campaign Manager Andrew Norrie by email:

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