What is integrated education?

Integrated schools bring together children, staff and governors from all religious and cultural traditions within a single school community where they celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Integrated Education means the education together, in an Integrated school, of those of different cultures and religious beliefs and of none: including reasonable numbers of both Protestant and Roman Catholic children or young persons; those who are experiencing socio-economic deprivation and those who are not; and those of different abilities.

An Integrated school is a school which intentionally supports, protects and advances an ethos of diversity, respect and understanding between those of different cultures and religious beliefs and of none, between those of different socio-economic backgrounds and between those of different abilities, and has acquired grant-maintained Integrated status, or controlled Integrated status under the Education Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 1989.

Integrated Education encourages open-minded attitudes among pupils as well as building the confidence and ability to question, observe, listen and make informed decisions.

Integrated Education recognises the value of parents and parental involvement in all aspects of school life is actively encouraged.  Parents are encouraged to take an active role in the governance of the school and the Parent’s Council.