9 Oct

Changes to examinations and qualifications announced to support pupil progress

DE Release:

Education Minister Peter Weir has announced decisions on proposals for changes to the awarding of qualifications during 2020/21.

The focus of these changes is to protect and support our pupils in their progress towards future study and employment.

The changes include a reduction in the number of exams that pupils will be required to take, as well as making a number of adaptions to qualifications to ensure they can be delivered safely and meet public health requirements by incorporating a range of appropriate adjustments and necessary mitigations. (more…)

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5 Oct

Register online to support your child’s school to become integrated

Did you know that parents have a say in whether or not a school becomes integrated?

If parents of more than 20% of pupils in a school sign a petition (such as Integrate My School) that they would like the school to Transform to become integrated, the Board of Governors are legally required to hold a ballot to see if that’s what the majority of parents want. And if the parents vote yes, the school will then be required to submit a proposal to the Department of Education to become an integrated school. (more…)

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1 Oct

Education Minister welcomes launch of version 2.0 of ‘StopCOVID NI’ app extending use to 11-17 age group

DE Release:

A new version of the ‘StopCOVID NI’ app, inclusive of under 18s, has been welcomed by Education Minister Peter Weir.

The Department of Health app, which is available for download now, alerts close contacts of other users who have tested positive for the virus thus slowing the virus spread.

Although not intended exclusively for use in schools, Minister Weir has encouraged pupils and schools in its uptake.

In a letter sent to school principals, he called on schools to support the use of the app whilst acknowledging that successful uptake may require changes to schools’ existing mobile phone policies. (more…)

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29 Sep

Chief Inspector of Education Training Inspectorate appointed

DE Release:

Education Minister Peter Weir has welcomed the appointment of Mrs Faustina Graham to the post of Chief Inspector of the Education Training Inspectorate (ETI) in the Department of Education, following an open recruitment competition.

Mrs Graham brings a wealth of experience to the post having previously held the position of Assistant Chief Inspector within ETI. She has also worked in a range of policy roles in the Department including most recently shaping and developing policy in relation to Curriculum, Qualifications & Standards. (more…)

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