31 Jan

Question time for our policitians!

As politicians, pundits and the public gear up for another set of elections in Northern Ireland – this time for the Assembly, electoral reform and local Councils in May – the Integrated Education Fund has attended the annual conferences of three of the main parties represented, to let candidates know that we and thousands of parents are serious about wanting a change in our education system. (more…)

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30 Jan

Be Stronger Together!

The Integrated Education Fund is delighted to announce that our supporter, the actor Liam Neeson, has helped us by voicing our new radio adverts. (more…)

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24 Jan

Telling It Like It Is!

Many surveys and research projects in the past have come up with statistics showing that a majority of people would like to see more integrated schools. We are now facing some tough decisions on education, as in all areas of public spending; we have already put forward the sound financial arguments for integration, but we want to know how the current economic and political context shapes people’s attitudes, and whether the public debate on integrated education has built more support for the movement. (more…)

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1 Jan

Commission for Education Needed

Integrated education has moved centre stage in public debate, since we introduced the Oxford Economics scoping paper, “Developing a Case for Shared Education” at the Northern Ireland Economic Conference last September. The question now must be when do we move from debate to action?

Discussion at political level, including an Assembly debate, seems to agree that our current model of education is undesirable, and integration is shaping up to be seen as a possible future norm for education here. (more…)

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21 Dec

Our Message On Community Relations Goes To Politicians

The Integrated Education fund submitted its response to the public consultation document on community relations work in schools (CRED). The core issue is that young people need to be learning with each other rather than about each other’s differences as is suggested in the consultation document. (more…)

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