18 Jun

DUP calls for reduction of burden on schools

The DUP launched a policy consultation paper aimed at creating a more supportive and sensible environment for schools to help ease the pressures faced within education at this difficult time.

“Reducing the Burden” was launched by the Party’s Education spokesperson Peter Weir.

Commenting, the Strangford MLA said, “This policy paper covers a range of issues from actions to reduce bureaucracy, recast school inspection, and supporting leadership, professional development and governance, and makes 22 recommendations in total. (more…)

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25 Mar

DUP Education Spokesperson Peter Weir MLA has launched proposals to tackle the schools funding crisis.

DUP Education Spokesperson Peter Weir MLA has launched proposals to tackle the schools funding crisis. The ‘Frontline First’ proposals are a package aimed at resolving the crisis faced by schools.

Commenting on the proposals, the Strangford MLA said,
“Government has a key responsibility to ensure our children are given the best start and the chance to develop to their full potential. Education is key to unlocking that potential, and despite the great efforts of our school leaders, teachers, students and parents that has been hampered by the financial position schools currently find themselves in. We believe it is critical not only that adequate resources are allocated to education but also to target this to frontline services. (more…)

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23 Aug

Peter Weir Welcomes Success of Local Pupils in GCSE Results

Statement by Peter Weir DUP Education spokesman;

“I welcome the news of the success of our local students in their GCSE results. These have yet again improved with over 81% of Northern Ireland GCSE entries achieving A* to C grade. By contrast in England and Wales only 67% of exams obtained a 9-4 grade, the equivalent of a pass here. Northern Ireland continues to lead the way in exam success. The hard work of our students, teachers and parents are to be commended and they should take time today to celebrate. (more…)

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22 Aug

Education funding system in critical need of reform – Rosemary Barton

Following the revelation that the Education Authority contemplated cutting measures essential for the safety of school children, such as the removal of all lollipop men and women, Ulster Unionist Education Spokesperson Rosemary Barton MLA has warned that the local education system is in an untenable funding situation.

Rosemary Barton, a teacher of over 30 years, said:

“It is ridiculous that the Education Authority even for one moment thought that removing staff which help keep children safe crossing busy roads was a viable option. Of course it wasn’t and so it is paramount that the EA continue put the safety of our young people ahead of piecemeal budget cuts. (more…)

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22 Aug

Chris Lyttle says school crossing patrol removal idea proof of need for education review

Alliance Education spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has said news the Education Authority (EA) considered removing all school crossing patrols is proof the entire education system needs a Bengoa-style review.

Mr Lyttle was speaking after the BBC revealed a letter from the EA in which it states it deliberated removing all lollipop men and women as part of a cost-cutting measure, as well as other “difficult choices” such as withdrawing uniform allowances and making compulsory redundancies in schools.  (more…)

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