9 Sep

Councillor Simon Lee: Deep seated segregation does a disservice to our children

Green Party Release:

Green Party NI Education Spokesperson Councillor Simon Lee has commented on a new report from the University of Ulster suggesting that segregation is reinforced by how schools are governed in Northern Ireland.
“The Northern Ireland education system segregates the majority of our children at the age of four according to religion. Segregation is deep seated and does a disservice to our children. (more…)

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3 Sep

Daniel McCrossan: teaching staff must be treated with respect

SDLP Release:

SDLP Education Spokesperson, Daniel McCrossan MLA has expressed a deep appreciation for staff in our schools for working tirelessly to get children back safely.

The West Tyrone MLA has said it was very regrettable that staff in our schools were being taken for granted by the Department of Education. (more…)

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10 Mar

Karen Mullan backs calls for education review

Sinn Féin release:

Sinn Féin MLA Karen Mullan has backed calls for an independent review of education as promised in the New Decade, New Approach document.

Speaking in the Assembly chamber today, the Foyle MLA said:
“School budgets have been cut as a result of Tory policies, teachers’ wages have stagnated, school infrastructure is crumbling and the rise in the diagnosis of Special Educational Needs has put our frontline services under massive pressure. (more…)

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