The Stormont House Agreement

The Stormont House Agreement

The Stormont House AgreementThe Stormont House Agreement of December 2014 included a range of potential changes for Northern Ireland. Devolution of corporation tax, flexibility in welfare reform implementation, the creation of an opposition in the Assembly and establishment of a number of bodies to consider elements of the legacy of the past, were contained in the Agreement. It was accompanied by a package of almost £2 billion in support from the UK Government.

In November 2015, after ten weeks of cross-party talks,  ‘A Fresh Start: the Stormont Agreement and Implementation Plan’ was devised to build  on the SHA and “Bring closer the goal of a Northern Ireland where politics works, the economy grows and society is stronger.”

The Stormont House Agreement features financial support from the UK Treasury, including  a contribution of up to £500m over 10 years of new capital funding to support shared and integrated education. This will be distirbuted subject to individual projects being agreed between the Executive and the UK Government.

You can download The Stormont Agreement and Implementation Plan and the Financial Annex
The Stormont Agreement and Implementation Plan
Stormont House Agreement Financial Annex

You can download the House of Commons Briefing Paper from 18 Aug 2015 on the Stormont House Agreement.
Northern Ireland: Stormont House Agreement update 18 Aug 2015

The Stormont House Agreement contained a commitment to publish a progress report on implementation after every 6 months. You can download them here.
Progress Report 25 June 2015
Progress Report 14 January 2016
Progress Report 29 June 2016
Progress Report 14 December 2016

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