Advocate for Integrated Education


In May 2023, the Integrated Education Fund challenged all candidates in the local government elections to sign up to their ten key asks to further normalise the education system.

Having seen a significant rise in support for Integrated Education, and many schools undertake the transformation process to become Integrated in recent years, the Fund believed the time is right for elected representatives at all levels to support parental demand for more Integrated schooling options.

Peter Osborne, chair of the Integrated Education Fund, said:

“Representatives and leaders at all levels of government and civil society have influence and a responsibility to help keep moving this place forward.  We have come a long way and normalising our education system so that, like in most other parts of the world, children and young people are educated together, in the same classroom, every day wearing the same uniforms, is of critical importance.

We are all building the peace for their future.  If our children leave school without having different life patterns to their neighbours already set, then all communities, villages and towns in Northern Ireland will benefit.

We are asking Council candidates to read and reflect on the ten key asks, and to show their public support for them.  In launching these ten key asks we understand that some are outside the gift of local government, but all leaders have a stake in building the peace for the future of our young people.”

One question for your elected representatives:

There is currently an under provision of Integrated schools in this area; if elected what will you do to increase provision?

Ten Key Asks for your Elected Representatives:

  1. All pupils educated together in the same classrooms, every day, regardless of religion or background.
  2. A single body for the administration of education.
  3. Area based planning that reflects parental choice and community needs.
  4. A presumption that all new schools are Integrated.
  5. A single model of governance for all schools.
  6. A single teacher training system.
  7. The continued implementation of the Fair Employment (School Teachers) Act 2022 (to end religious discrimination in the recruitment and promotion of teachers).
  8. Ambitious implementation of the Integrated Education Act 2022.
  9. Ring-fenced funding for the Department of Education to match the demand for Integrated Education.
  10. Cross–departmental plans to develop Shared Housing and Integrated Education.

For more information on how to support Integrated Education, email Paul Collins Head of Public Affairs and Advocacy