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Ten key asks of the Northern Ireland Assembly

The ten key asks from the IEF of the new Assembly are:

  1. An increase in the number of young people from diverse backgrounds educated together in the same classrooms, learning side by side, every day.
  2. A single body for the administration of education that is accountable to the Department of Education and the Northern Ireland Assembly.
  3. Area based planning shaped by the community and reflects parental choice and community needs. This will ensure Integrated Education is given due consideration in the area planning process.
  4. A presumption is established on overarching area-based planning that all new schools being built should be Integrated.
  5. A single model of governance and good practice for all schools.
  6. A single teacher training system, where teachers of all faiths and none are trained together.
  7. The implementation of the Fair Employment (School Teachers) Bill to end religious discrimination in the recruitment and promotion of teachers.
  8. The implementation the Department of Education’s Integrated Education Strategy as outlined in the Integrated Education Bill.
  9. The provision of ring-fenced funding for the Department of Education for a dedicated team within the Department to match the demand for Integrated Education, in line with the Integrated Education Bill.
  10. Cross–departmental working to allow best use of resources and to help develop Shared Housing and Integrated Education.